Why write inspirational suspense?  I love suspense stories and sweet romances focusing on the romancing part of a relationship. Why not combine them?What was it like when the editor called to share the news of my first sale to Love Inspired Suspense? Follow this link and you can read my story yourself!

Why are you shooting a weapon? With the RWA Kiss of Death chapter, I visited the FBI and learned how to use a gun!

What’s your favorite color? Blue

What’s your favorite vacation spot? Scotland

What’s your favorite candy? Peanut M&Ms

What’s your favorite holiday? Christmas

What’s your favorite season? Fall

What’s your favorite book? To Kill a Mockingbird (My original copy from high school!)


What’s your favorite drink? Hot Tea (with milk)

What’s your favorite food? PIZZA!!!!

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME AND I’LL ADD THEM HERE! Experts suggest the disparity may be due to physiological differences that make women more prone to concussion injuries, and female athletes being more willing to admit to injury.