Is the bounty hunter’s target really an innocent woman?

Convinced her sheriff brother-in-law murdered her sister, Jamie Carter hides her six-year-old niece away until she can prove his crimes. Bounty hunter Zack Owen is bound by the law to turn her in, but Jamie’s story sways him to protect her instead. On the run together, Zack must face the personal price of falling for his fugitive.

Fugitive Pursuit is my 1st Love Inspired Suspense. The ebook released on May 1st and the paperback released on May 8th. Get your copy today!
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The reviews are already coming in!

“An abundance of action will hold the readers’ interest and keep them turning the pages.” ~~~ RT Book Reviews

“This is her first book and it was well written. In this book we are introduced to the Owen family who are bounty hunters… I love how Christa weaves her story. She brings out Zach’s faith in away that its like an old hat that is well worn….I will be watching for more books.” ~~~ Goodreads reviewer

“I just read FUGITIVE PURSUIT I loved it. Timmins was really something else, a man who thought he was above the law. I am looking forward to more books on the Owen family. Thanks for the great read.” ~~~ email review


Here’s a peek:

“I see the look in your eyes.” He tugged the bat out of her hands and tossed it behind him. It landed by her backpack. “But you’re not going anywhere except to jail.”

Anger for the way she’d left him at the café should have been visible through his expression, but he studied her with calm determination. He was bigger than she’d first thought the other day, wider in the chest. Stronger, probably. Intimidating, definitely.

Yet she didn’t fear for her life.

Jamie swallowed the lump in her throat. How would she get out of this? “Who are you?”

After taking a couple of steps back, he propped his hands on the waistband of his cargo pants. “My name’s Zack Owen. I’m a bounty hunter.”

One man trying to finish her off and one trying to bring her in. Great. As if her life wasn’t complicated enough.


Here are some songs I listened to during my writing of this book:

Who I Am by Blanca

I Can’t Do This by Plumb

King of My Heart by Love & the Outcome

Hope Can Change Everything by a Collaboration of Christian Artists

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